Debunking The Myth: Black Women Are Always ‘Angry’

Black women are not always angry. We are perceived as angry, violent, and full of sass. Black women are not angry, but instead, we should be addressed as assertive. Assertiveness is the word to describe us because it’s how we are forced to act due to the way society perceives us. If we are not assertive then we are not taken seriously in the real world as competitors, entrepreneurs, or in the workplace. Black women have been working hard to be taken serious in a society where our race and gender seems to hold us back constantly. Racism and sexism both affect us, so we are forced to be assertive which can come off as aggressive and angry.

Even if Black women are angry, it is not because they don’t have a reason to be angry. We have been unappreciated, overlooked and tossed aside in the past, but these are not the reasons why we behave so “aggressively.” As women, we are not taken seriously in general. Some people see women as weak and fragile creatures, therefore they try to take advantage of women. Women need to be assertive sometimes, and even then we are not taken seriously. We are called out of our names when we are assertive.

People do not know the difference between anger and assertiveness. Anger is showing strong feelings of hostility, displeasure, or annoyance. Assertiveness is confident and forceful behavior. There is no hostility, annoyance, or displeasure when you are being assertive. There are no malicious intentions when a Black woman is being assertive. She is making a place for herself and making sure she keeps the place she created.

The question is honestly whether or not people can learn to differentiate between assertiveness and anger?

The question is why Black women are taken for granted?

The question is why are Black women treated like options and not like the first choice?

The question should have never been why Black women are so angry. The question should be why do Black women have so many reasons to be angry and why we have never retaliated?

Black women are beautiful, strong, sweet and kind. The misconception that Black women are always angry is a lie. We are assertive when we need to be and borderline aggressive because we have to be. We want to be taken seriously and that is the only way we will be. We have to create our places in the world because where do we fit in? Society does not make a place for regular women, so there truly is no place for Black women. We cannot create a space in this world for us being nice and kind because nobody would comply. They wouldn’t try to change the way things are done to accommodate the wishes of the most underrated group of people. Black women are fighters, but we are not always angry.

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Kelisha Trice

Kelisha Trice is a student at North Carolina A&T State University majoring in English with a concentration in African American Literature.

Kelisha Trice

Kelisha Trice is a student at North Carolina A&T State University majoring in English with a concentration in African American Literature.

One thought on “Debunking The Myth: Black Women Are Always ‘Angry’

  • January 31, 2018 at 4:08 pm

    This is one myth that truly drives me crazy. I don’t get why black women are not allowed to share their feelings without being labeled. While we are excellence, we have emotions to and they should never be dismissed. Speaking up and owning are space should never be seen as angry.

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