Fire and Fury Inside the Trump White House: Book Review

Fire and Fury Inside the Trump White House by Michael Wolff, where do I even start?  It’s fun as hell to read, or listen to.  I got the audiobook so the gossipy, bombastic, disheartening, embarrassing shock of it was overwhelming at first.  It reads like fiction but this is reality.  This is the hot mess inside the highest office in the most powerful country in the world.  In the words of my mother, as I relayed lines from the book, in that famous black woman colloquialism of unsurprising disapproval, “Mm, mm, mm, mm, mm.”

Wolff shows us in grim detail what we already knew: our commander and chief is not only crazy, but unbelievably stupid.  An apocalyptic combination.  This is where we are: we have given our Nation and our nukes to “the clown prince billionaire…with a twinkle in his eye and larceny in his soul.”

Wolff has been discredited as a hack, many saying they didn’t say what was written (surprisingly everyone except Steve Bannon).  Other journalists have nitpicked details and the somewhat mediocre writing in an effort, what seems like, to question Wolff’s whole supposition of a haphazard, ill-equipped administration we should all be afraid of.  Most of this is just jealousy, them having been scooped.  They’re envious that Wolff, never having to return to the West Wing, unlike White House correspondents, can leave scorched sources in his wake.

All Wolff did was lay bare what we can all see.  Many speculated throughout “The Broke Dick Campaign” whether 45 really wanted to be president because no candidate would say those things.  And he didn’t; it was all a con.  A con to bolster 45’s persona by being the “martyr of Crooked Hillary.”  

“…Trump’s longtime friend Roger Ailes liked to say that if you wanted a career in television, first run for president…’This is bigger than I ever dreamed of,’ he told Ailes in a conversation a week before the election. ‘I don’t think about losing because it isn’t losing. We’ve totally won.’ What’s more, he was already laying down his public response to losing the election: It was stolen!”

Why are we surprised?  “The campaign, on its face, was not designed to win anything.”  The one thing we all knew about 45, from the years he’s photobombed our commercials and TV shows, is that he’s “America’s Con Man”.  Even Stormy Daniels knew that.  A con man consumed by his own reflection and so desperate for adoration that “Trump lived, like Hulk Hogan, as a real-life fictional character.”  Wolff isn’t known as the most ethical journalist and often flatters a subject just to destroy them later in print, but the very fact he was able to spend over a year sitting on a bench mere yards from the Oval Office, writing down everything and interviewing senior staff without anyone saying shit is proof Wolff’s hypothesis about our country being ran by a dumbass-packed administration, far outside their depth is true.  “Because nobody in the Trump administration really knew how to do anything, it was therefore, not clear what anyone did.”

My sister shared her thoughts with me via email, “I’m not surprised by the information and the fact he had no plans in winning. It makes sense that they would arm him with people who could help him but it was obvious that these people in his cabinet all had their individual agenda. Since trump doesn’t understand politics or how the government works. They allow him to make a fool of himself on purpose.  This book didn’t reveal anything new it just solidified what we were speculating and already knew but it gave us more details on what was going on behind the scenes. It shows his arrogance and ignorance in a different light.”

Everything about 45 is a farce.  “Though he was branded as an outsider, not being included wounded him.”  Wolff just said it to our faces.  45 is an absentee father with no close friends who’s always been a spoiled, neglected little rich boy desperate for love.  A chronic womanizer, notorious sexual harasser and predator.  A charlatan emperor of a shady real estate kingdom known for handling “problem cash”, always under audit, under FBI investigation for years, embroiled in over 1300 lawsuits with more failed businesses than one can count.  “Trump liked to portray his business as an empire, it was actually a discrete holding company and boutique enterprise, catering more to his peculiarities as proprietor and brand representative than to any bottom line or other performance measures.”

Wolff wrote a fairly flattering article on 45 for the Hollywood Reporter back in June 2016 and then practically gave Bannon the mic in a later interview; beat sweetening at its finest.  Those aren’t the tactics of a two-bit reporter.  Wolff is known for this and yet…45 fell for it – hook, line and sinker – his need to be liked the only thing he sees.  This fact proves that everything Wolff eludes is correct.  The White House, our White House, is being ran by a cabal of minions so without shame that they’ll stroke 45’s dong on national TV.  The cabal is led by a narcissistic sociopath whose daddy didn’t hug him enough and who knows absolutely nothing about anything.  And yet, we accept this.  Would you accept that your brain surgeon doesn’t know anything about brain surgery?  Hell no, but we’re fine with a president knowing nothing about anything having to do with being president, or politics, or policy or even legislation he’s trying to draft.  Somehow that’s okay?

The man got on national TV and said that the Visa Lottery, a program of over 50 million applicants worldwide, is a bowl filled with pieces of paper with names on them that someone sticks their hand in and draws out the name of a person to get a visa.  He wants a border wall along the 1900 mile US – Mexican border that would be so expensive, after the massive tax cut he just gave himself and his billionaire cronies, that even attempting it could bankrupt the country and now he’s shut down the government over it.  What the fuck?  How can anyone look at all of that, plus anything he has ever said or tweeted and debate, disbelieve or question anything in this book?

Bottom-line?  We are all concerned: rich; poor; native-born and immigrant; left-wing, right-wing; all races and religions.  We’re all concerned and should be, as shown proof positive in this book.  And that should, in itself, be grounds for impeachment.  


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Summer Moore

Summer Moore is a freelance screenwriter, blogger, journalist specializing in film, music, art, politics and entrepreneurship. She is a graduate of the Film Studies program at The University of Kansas.

Summer Moore

Summer Moore is a freelance screenwriter, blogger, journalist specializing in film, music, art, politics and entrepreneurship. She is a graduate of the Film Studies program at The University of Kansas.