5 Stereotypes Black People Hate

Being black has its perks we’re creative, our melanin protects us from the sun and our hair is versatile. With all these great things we’re often generalized and associated with negative connotations. Some of the most common stereotypes that black people face are that they are never on time or that they love watermelon, but I want to focus on stereotypes with deeper meanings.

1. Predominantly White Institutions (PWI) vs. Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU)

This is an infamous ongoing battle on Twitter. There are many negative generalizations about black people that go to a PWI. These are things such as that they think they are better than everyone else and that they think their degrees are better.

As someone who went to a PWI, that particular school was more convenient for me. It was the best school for my program. My parents went there. It was closer to family. It was cheaper. People have so much to say about another person’s education but they don’t know the facts of why they chose to go there.

When it comes to HBCUs there are many negative generalizations surrounding black people who choose to go there as well.  I’ve heard that people don’t want to go to them because they think they’re ghetto. They don’t think they’ll get hired with an HBCU on their resume. One of my biggest regrets was not going to a HBCU. I wish I could’ve experienced the black excellence and learned in a classroom where everyone looks like me. No one is walking on eggshells. I get to learn the real history of my ancestors.

The crazy part is that I’ve seen black people try to keep this stereotype going. At the end of the day, we are all getting an education. That’s what matters.


2. Her hair is long, must be weave

I don’t know where this lie that black people can’t grow long healthy hair came from. And even if we are wearing weave, that doesn’t mean we don’t have a beautiful crown of hair underneath. Don’t let the shrinkage fool you. Healthy hair will grow, no matter what race you are.

These protective styles, these is smart moves!

Protective styles such as weaves, wigs, and braids help our hair grow, Susan.

And, no you can’t touch it.


3. N**gas ain’t Sh**!

No sis, your n**ga’s not sh**. We have to stop giving our black men this bad reputation. I personally have friend zoned a lot of great men and I regret it now. We can’t go around saying how horrible they are and then get mad when a Kardashian snatches them up. We are basically handing our men to other races. But every race has these problems with their men.

Some of them may have father issues that eventually grow into commitment issues, thus causing them to break our hearts. But, at that moment you have to make something shake. There still are men that have their fathers in their lives. We can’t blame it all on them. People change. We know men mature later on in life. Stop wasting your time when they’ve shown you they aren’t ready. If you want him that bad, come back to him in like ten years sis.


4. Black women aren’t submissive

It’s the 21st century. Women can vote and drive. Women can run for president. Black men like to feel needed, but are they really? Think about it. This stereotypes usually comes up in the argument about why black men choose women from other races over black women. If I were part of those other racial groups I’d be offended. They’re basically calling you weak.

If we refer back to stereotype 3 (N**gas ain’t sh**!) and we happen to get one of those guys, why would we submit to that? Black men have to give us something to submit to. If you’re getting us pregnant, leaving, and forcing us to work and take care of home by ourselves we develop a wall. A lot of black women were raised by single women. When we see that growing up, we learn to survive without men. This doesn’t happen to everyone, but it happens often enough to mention.

Women submit where it matters. It all depends on the situation. Some women don’t mind staying at home and waiting on their man hand and foot. At this point women can do whatever men can do, and sometimes better.


5. All black people are thugs

This is the stereotype that hurts us the most. It’s so bad that unarmed black people are dying because of the way they look. It’s like the world only loves us when we are throwing or catching a ball. They love our music, our culture, and our inventions but never us as people. I always think about how President Obama and his First Lady Michelle Obama had to be twice as good. They had multiple degrees. They had no scandals. They carried themselves as a president and first lady should. But, they still weren’t good enough for “‘Merica.”

When we are angry the lives of others feel threatened. When we protest peacefully, they’re mad. When we ask questions, they’re mad. These are our human rights we are fighting for. Being black in America means wearing a hoodie deems you a thug. All black people aren’t thugs.

I don’t fit into a lot of black stereotypes. People will still judge me by my chocolate skin and the apostrophe in my name. Try getting to know us first. If we seem angry, ask why. Nine times out of ten if Susan said something racist we can’t check her out of fear of losing our jobs. Sometimes we are angry because we have to straighten our hair and word our resumes just right in order to get those jobs. If people would just listen the world would be a better place.

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Ke’andra Williams

Ke’Andra Williams is a Sam Houston State University graduate with a B.A. in Mass Communication. She is a blogger and YouTuber with an outgoing, strong, honest, and witty personality.

Ke’andra Williams

Ke’Andra Williams is a Sam Houston State University graduate with a B.A. in Mass Communication. She is a blogger and YouTuber with an outgoing, strong, honest, and witty personality.